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Are You a Model Looking to Shoot

Well hey there! You've come to the right place! One of the best parts of my job is getting to work with so many different people! And I hope you're one of them soon!

I mostly shoot fetish/kink porn and now some vanilla sexier stuff too! Take a look at my fetish menu or my model roster to see what I have shot and for examples of my work!

Please be sure to have read all the info on how my shoots operate and such before contacting me to shoot!

There are a few things I do require from models (Listed below) And I do not split any sales with any models during any trades

There are also a couple different ways I run trade shoots! If you have any further questions, Feel free to ask!

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So this is where we straight trade filming content for eachother. We film "x amount of scenes for my store, and we film the same amount of scenes for your store!

We both walk away with X amount of scenes that are different from eachother, to post in our own stores. You keep your scenes you directed for your store, and I keep my scenes that I directed for my store!


There is NO sharing of any Scenes with this type of trade.

So this is where we share filming content for eachother. We film X amount of scenes, and then we share all the RAW scenes. All scenes are to be edited individually, by doing this the scene comes out a little different for each model to sell in the end. Each model can post any scene at any point of time, without notice.


The scenes are the individuals models responsibility to market and sell.


Models will Keep separate funds; there will be no splitting or sharing of sales.


Separate Content  Trade

Shared Content  Trade



kikicali background.jpg

My Content Themes

The main common theme of the videos that I personally produce for my store are taboo, ddlg, or Abdl themed!

If this is a limit for you or makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, then we are just not meant to shoot together, no harm no foul!

I'm always open to expanding beyond these fetish themes for your store/studio, but it is a necessity for my own store!

I also have a male partner who his also a porn performer! He is faceless & runs his own (vanilla hardcore porn) sites too! He is available for trade with for your clips too! If involved, a clip accommodating him based on type of trade is required in exchange!

we both are available together or not and always tested!

*for fluid-exchanging, all must be std tested with our shoot date within 14days of results!

Out-of-State Models

Are you an out-of-state model still wanting to shoot content with me?! We can make that work still! I have a guest room for models who come travel here to help alleviate some travel expenses! I can also split and Uber with you to/from Denver international Airport! Additionally, I may be able to hook you up with a paid shoot too!

Please ask for more detalls if you're interested! OR! Keep an eye out for when I'm traveling! Even if you get in contact with me now with a bit of info on where you’re located, I can put you on my away model list so I can just contact you when I know I'll be in your area!

Required Paperwork

If you are going to be working with me as a model, I REQUIRE a few things

  • model releases to be signed

  • 2257 to be signed

  • photo of your ID

  • bring your own memory cards if using my cameras please

  • MUST name me by Kiki Cali in all video descriptions and tag @littlekikicali on twitter posts


*for fluid-exchanging, all must be std (FULL panel) tested with our shoot date within 14days of results! Ask me for help if needed!

Models I've Shot With

Shooting Spaces

I have a separate DDLG Bedroom and an ABDL Nursery I offer up for filming content together in! Coming soon is a sexy big girl bedroom and a luxe living room set!

LITTLE bedroom

BIG bedroom

Living Room